I’ve been a patient of Dr. Celebrado for more than 10 years. She is very friendly and professional at the same time, and is completely competent. She’s very good with children and kind-hearted, which is why my siblings who are very young also enjoy being her patient. Over the years that I’ve had her, her thorough instructions for aftercare definitely help prevent me from further pain after the appointment. I’ve had two teeth removed due to them growing in wrong places, to which she was able to help me get through the inevitable pain through her wittiness which never failed to make me smile, and because of her my smile is very bright!! She is a very competent and capable person and I completely trust her with my teeth and with my heart!!

Audrey J.

Great office staff! The appointment was easy to get and went well. Not much a wait to be seen, very efficient. Everyone was very friendly and eager to answer questions. I'd recommend to anyone.

Tawnia S.

Dr. Celebrado is hands down, one of the most passionate and knowledgeable dentists in southern California. She cares so much about her patients and goes out of her way to follow up and make sure we have the best treatment even out of the office. Other people have said she is "rude", but that is not the case. She is direct and humorous while maintaining a level of professionalism when identifying the problems we may have; she also tells you what she can and will do to fix the problem as well as what YOU, as the PATIENT, can do to ensure that a healthy smile is maintained after the treatment she gives. Her instructions are detailed, her tips are superb, and the quality of work is beyond excellent. Thank you Doctor!

Daphne Tortoles

Took my two year old son to see Dr. Celebrado. She was so sweet and gentle. She warned me he may cry and asked periodically if she wanted me to stop while he did. Luckily he didn't fuss much bc she was patient and let him see the instruments, in her hands, and reassured him he was ok. Amazing dentist for kids!! The office was neat clean and simple and the staff was truly kind.

Kamden K.

Awesome Staff!!!
Great environment everyone was super friendly.
Dr.Celebrado is super gentle and I love how she worries about her patients needs.
Definitely recommend this office to everyone.
Awesome job staff.

Daliela L.

Wonderful office with friendly Dr and staff, I take my kids here and appreciate the level of care they receive.

jessica m.

All friendly female staff! They work hard to serve your dental needs! The environment is also very relaxing with it's purple color scheme and pictures on the lights so you can stare at them while your teeth get cleaned!

Dion C.

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